What is a Heat Press Machine?

Heat press machine is an essential tool and equipment if you are in the clothing business. This is an equipment that is often used to personalized garments by creating gifts and other advertising items. Essentially, there is no limit when it comes to creating the type of design and style that you want. There is indeed a variety to choose that is made available, and sometimes it can be overwhelming especially when you just started to do it as a hobby or for business purposes. The platen is a heated metal surface that has a similar function as that to iron that you normally use for pressing clothes.

Is there a difference between a heat press and a flattening iron?

Yes! There is a big difference between a heat press and an iron when it comes to the combination of its pressure, the temperature control and the heating surface. It ensures the heating of the materials that is being pressed, and it yields towards a good consistent result.

How to use the platen?

The platen is used very easily. All you need to do is to simply lower it down to the surface so that it can be used to imprint after which it is locked down for it to have its predetermined length of time, this also depends on the materials that are being used. The good thing about a heat press machine is that it have its timing and control for you to determine the length and the level of temperature that you want it as to be pressed.

Styles of heat press

If you want to know more about using a heat press with style, for example, a clam shell heat press- this is a type of heat press that opens vertically and allows an item that can access through the platen. Second, is called the swing away- with this type of heat press, it has a more precise graphic placement. This also requires a larger space, to allow the platen for more swinging. Aside from these two styles, there are other versions of the heating press such as the use of a mug presses that wraps around the material and creates a better graphic outcome. Lastly, is the cap presses- this has a smaller size of imprinting a baseball cap to make a design that will fit the theme that you want.


When it comes to budgeting in purchasing for a heat press machine, it would be best for you to compare the prices that you have researched via the internet or at the actual shop. This is one way for you to know how much you’ll need to save, for you to get a great deal of machine that will last you longer.


Keep in mind that not all expensive heat press machines can guarantee the quality. However, you must put it to test by knowing it all first before committing to buying a machine that is right for you.

What Are Things You Can Use with Heat Pressure Machine

Have you ever heard about the heat press machine because if you haven’t then, you should know that it is a machine where it has a press pad and a work area where it uses heat and force to stick the picture in any item? You will be glad to know that even your picture can be done with the help of this machine. The best thing about it is that there are certain items that can be used to paste the picture of your choice into the item of your choice. Here is even a list of things that you can use the heat press machine so that you will have a better idea about it.

  1. Any shirt

With the heat process machine, you can re-design your shirt to fit your kind of fashion. You can put any print from your favorite T.V. character to any symbol or image, and it can be in any different shape, size and color. There is no limit to it, but your imagination so enjoy a whole new wardrobe with the help of the heat process machine because it can help.

  1. Mug

If you are tired that your family is using your mug because it doesn’t have your name on it then say no more because with the help of the heat process machine you can print any letter or words or anything to your mug from now on because the press pad and the work area of the heat process machine can be change into a suitable item to print your mug with. Now you can be sure that you have your name in your mug from now on.

  1. Cap

If you want to beautify your cap so that you can where it in style when you are out, then you can do it because the heat process machine can even put images in your cap. This way you wouldn’t have to worry if you only have one cap or if you have to re-design your cap because it can be done and all you have to do is change the press pad and the work area to fit the item you want to print it on.

  1. Plate

The only thing you have to change in the heat process machine when it comes to the plate is the press pad so that it can fit the size of the plate. With the help of the heat press machine, all of your plates in your home will look so cute and stylish because you can put in fruits or fancy words to add a little style to them.

These are things that you can use to print on something’s using the help of the heat press machine and this way you wouldn’t need to buy a lot of things to have new things because you can just re-use and make them suitable to your taste of fashion. You can even turn this into a profitable business because there are lots of people who will pay a lot of money just to have a print of their faces or their pets in their things so you can be sure that you will earn from this and it’s all thanks to the heat press machine.

Rincons 15″ x 15″ Swing Arm Heat Press Machine 2017

If you wish to ensure that your T-shirt business attains great heights and manages to stand out from the numerous other options available on the market, finding the right heat press machine is something that you need to give preference.

Various options are available when we talk about heat press machines. Each has its pros and cons and something different to offer. Each caters to a specific set of requirements.

If you are unsure whether you ought to make use of a heat press machine, you need to research more about everything that the machine has to offer. This will eradicate any doubts you have in mind and will enable you to understand the importance of the machine.

You will then not hesitate in endeavoring to find out the best options that are available on the market and the various features they offer. A little bit of research is all that is required to make the right decision.

Various options available

As mentioned before, numerous options are available on the market with a multitude of models introduced by each brand. Among these, you need to opt for one that is reliable and can provide you with the results that you are looking for.

If you want a versatile heat press machine that is profound in quality, the Rincons Swing Arm Heat Press Machine is an option that would not let you down.

Rincons Heat Press Machine

Let us take a look at everything that the heat press machine offers, which will enable you to gauge if this is the right option for you. We are going to provide you with a list of features that this machine is equipped with so that you are well aware of what this machine is capable of delivering.


This machine is highly versatile, so you will be able to put it to various uses with a lot of ease. Hence, you can be confident that your business will grow by leaps and bounds if you opt for this machine.

Profound in quality

High standards of quality are maintained in the construction of this machine. Therefore, you will find that it is rather sturdy and durable. You will not have to look for a replacement anytime soon if this is the heat press machine that you opt for.

You will be able to use the machine for years to come. Furthermore, it is capable of producing quality work. This, in turn, ensures that you win the trust of your customers with its help.

Easy to use

This is the kind of machine that can be used by amateurs and beginners with a lot of ease. One does not need a lot of experience to acquire an understanding of it. Within a short span, you will begin using the machine like a pro.

Little space required

The size of the machine is such that you do not have to worry about it taking up a lot of space. You will find that space is not something that you need to worry about when it comes to this machine.

Additional features

To enhance the performance that the machine provides you with, it is provided with a lot of features. It includes a digital temperature control that makes it user-friendly. It is also provided with an adjustable pressure setting so that you have optimal control over the working of the machine.


When the manufacturers are confident of their product, they stand by it. This product is no different in this regard, which is why it comes with a one-year warranty.

Specifications in a nutshell

  • Durable steel frame construction
  • Digital temperature and timer control
  • Versatile
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Easy to transport
  • Adjustable pressure setting

Final words

This Rincons Heat Press Machine has managed to attain the seal of approval from people who have made use of it. Hence, you can be confident that opting for this machine is not a decision that you will have to regret. It is capable of providing you with the results that you require to give your business a boost.

Adequate research is rather important when it comes to purchasing any piece of equipment. You need to ensure you know everything that there is to know about. Only then will you be able to make it certain that you are able to use it to its full potential.

For instance, if we talk about heat press machines, you should endeavor to find out more about the whole process including the mechanism of heat transfer vinyl. You need to dig deep into the different types of heat press machines available on the market and what they offer.

There are certain factors that need to be kept in mind when it comes to using heat press machines for getting a boost in your business. You need to be sure that you are well aware of all these factors.

Once you have all the required information at hand, you will find that selecting a suitable heat press machine would not seem so difficult. You will be able to find something that suits your requirement with a lot of ease since you will be aware of what you are looking for and what the market has to offer.

If we talk about Rincons, it is suitable for those who have limited space in their office and are looking for an affordable and high-quality heat press machine.

This machine has a lot to offer and if you are just starting out, you will find it to be among the best options you have. Therefore, take a look at this machine and everything that it has to offer.

You will not regret your decision if this is the heat press machine that you opt for. It will provide you with the assistance you need to make your business a success and give you an edge over your competitors.

How Hard Is It To Heat Press Onto Mugs?

Want To Heat Press Onto Mugs?

One of the more popular reasons that people are purchasing I heat press machine nowadays is so that they can make personalized items either for recreational use or for commercial use.

This is coinciding very well with the rise in consumer behavior geared towards caffeinated beverages, particularly coffee and tea. As a result, the demand for personalized mugs is becoming much greater than ever before.

This is particularly advantageous for those who run a personalized design store, such as Things Remembered.

The types of people who should heat press their own mugs

The first type of person that should use a heat press machine on their own mugs is someone who owns a small business. Regardless of what type of business you own, everyone is always in need of a good mug.

A great way to market your business is does use a simple heat press machine with your logo onto a mug and give it out to your customers.

Every time a customer goes to drink a cup of coffee they’re going to have your business front and center in their face. It’s even better if they are to bring this mug into work. Then all their coworkers are going to see it.

The second type of person that should definitely start heat pressing their own mugs is someone who is more on the artsy type.

You know, the type of person that always gives a very personalized gift during the holidays. They love to put so much thought and energy and picking the perfect gift for someone.

Well, what better gift to give than a personalized mug. You absolutely know that no matter who you give a mug to they’re going to love it.

Coffee drinkers make up about 70% of the American population. That’s an astronomical number.

Stop what you’re doing right now and start reading some heat press machine review so you can find one that can make the mug of your dreams.

The type of people who is not by a heat press machine for mugs.

If you don’t think you’re going to ever really use the heat press machine more than once or twice, and probably not worth your time and effort to buy a press machine.

There are a lot of services on the web such as Snapfish, Walmart, and Walgreens, and many more, that are going to be able to do a one-off production of any kind of personalized mug that you want.

Generally those services will cost between 10 and $20, shipping included.

So while it is more expensive on an individual mug basis to have someone else make it, it’s going to be much cheaper in the long run if you’re not getting an adequate amount of usage out of your heat press.

Is A Heat Press Worth The Money?

Worth Buying A Heat Press?

Are you asking yourself whether or not it’s worth it to buy a heat press machine? Well, without thinking, is a huge heat press machine enthusiast, I would have to give you a resounding yes!

But, I guess it doesn’t really help you out at all, now does it?

So I guess I need to ask a few things of you before I can actually help you decide.

The first thing I want to ask is if you’re going to be using heat transfer vinyl at all?

If you’re not familiar, he transfer vinyl is pretty much what you see on the majority of youth jersey T-shirts. It’s just simple vinyl onto a plain cotton T-shirt. That’s with the majority of people use a heat press machine for.

If your answer to that question is no, then there’s really no reason for you to buy a heat press machine.

But if you answered yes, then I have a few follow-up questions for you.

Do you currently sell T-shirts that you make? If so, then you should get a heat press right away.

Do you plan on selling any heat transfer vinyl items in the future? If so, then I suggest you start reading some reviews on heat press machines. You’re gonna want to make your decision and then scope it out for when it’s on sale.

Do you only make heat transfer vinyl items for yourself, your kids, or your family? Well, if you’re only making small designs that your iron can do, then there’s really no reason for you to buy a heat press. However, if you’re making bigger items than is possible you to get heat press machine. If you’re in that boat, ask yourself the next question.

Have you ever experienced any heat transfer vinyl peeling up whenever you’re either using an iron ore after washing any of the heat transfer vinyl items that you made? If the answer is no, then you should skip buying heat press machine for now. But if your answer is yes, then I suggest you start reading heat press machine reviews.

As you can see, I can’t really give you a direct answer as to whether or not you should purchase a heat press. That really depends upon a lot of factors.

One thing that I can tell you is that it never hurts to read heat press machine reviews a while you wait until you make your decision. You never know if you can find someone else I convince you whether or not a machine is right for you. Best case yet, you decide that you want to buy a heat press and find one that you like. At that point, you can just set an alert on Amazon and wait until it’s on sale.

Basic Heat Press Machine Safety

How To Stay Safe When Using A Heat Press Machine

Using a heat press machine is so much fun. This is especially true if you’re an artsy type like I am. Ever since I was a little kid I absolutely love the arts and crafts. So when I became older and discovered what heat press machine was I was absolutely floored.

Like when learning any kind of new hobby, it’s always important to put a little emphasis on how to safely use the product right in the beginning.

When dealing with a heat press machine, it’s particularly important because people can really get her if they’re not paying attention when using one.

Here are some safety tips I recommend when using a heat press.

  • The first thing that I recommend is that you always use a heat press on a solid surface. You don’t want to put a heat press that scalding hot on any kind of wobbly or uneven surface. This is just going to lead to someone getting hurt.
  • Next, you’re definitely going to want to plug your heat press machine into its own outlet. A heat press machine draws a lot of power. Even a low-end heat press is going to be drawing over 1000 W. You have to remember that the heat press machine needs to take time to heat up and then obviously it’s going to be exerting energy when it’s doing an actual transfer. This can actually put a drain on any kind of power socket especially if you live an older home.
  • Third, you’re going to want to keep the machine out of the reach of children. This kind of goes without saying for any kind of hot surface whether it’s a heat press or the stove. You want to put your child at risk. They simply don’t know any better and want to touch everything.
  • Fourth, make sure that your heat press is at about waist level when you’re using it. If your heat press is too high, then there’s always the risk that you actually pull the machine towards you when you’re pulling the lever down. As you can imagine, it would be terrible if you pull a 500° machine onto you.
  • Fifth, you want to make sure that you can have clear access to the machine in on at least three of the sites. You don’t necessarily need to have access to the machine on the backside where the power supply is. However you definitely need to have access to where the on off switch is as well is where the lever is. You also want to make sure that everything is clear around the machine.
  • Lastly, you want to make sure that there’s some sort of ventilation nearby. I heat press machine is going to generate a lot of steam, particularly when you’re actually in the process of doing a heat transfer. The steam is best if it can travel outside immediately. If it doesn’t, then it can lead to some damage on nearby surroundings such as your wall or any kind of paintings. Better safe than sorry right.

Luckily for you most heatpresses are very similar to use. So the safety tips are going to translate across the board regardless of what machine you’re using.

Different Types of Heat Press Machines

There are 3 main types of heat press machines:

There are three main types of heat press machines they are going to see for sale. Each of them has their own unique features and is made for specific purchase. Before you purchase your heat press machine, I highly suggest that you check out some of the best heat press machine reviews so you can make an educated purchasing decision. Buying heat press machine can be stressful, but it doesn’t need to be.


Here are the different types of heat press machines

The main type of heat press machine that you’re going to see is a sublimation T-shirt heat press machine. Sublimation heat press machines are becoming very popular because everyone is looking to do it transfer of a very high quality digital image onto a T-shirt. The best thing about a sublimation heat press is that it’s designed so that the die from the transfer paper isn’t going to bleed onto the garment when the heat press surfaces press down. This is a design flaw on the majority of heat press machines that aren’t sublimation heat press machines.

The other advantage is that sublimation heat press machines are made with a bigger surface. This allows people to do a heat transfer onto larger items such as sweatshirts, sweatpants, and bigger signs. It’s more of a multi-use transfer machine.


The second type of heat press machine is a clamshell heat press machine.

This is probably what most people are more familiar with. A clamshell heat press machine is designed so that it can do a heat transfer onto a multitude of surfaces. What I mean by that is a can do a heat transfer onto mugs, sweatshirts, boxes, and pretty much any other type of object that you can throw at it. The clamshell enables it’s a contour onto the specific type of surface that you’re trying to transfer onto. All other types of heat press transfer machines are set in what they can print on.


The last type of heat press machine is a swing away version.

The great thing about swing away heat press machines is that they normally have a five and one functionality. That means instead of having to buy additional accessories such as a hat press or a mug press you’re going to be able to do everything with just the one machine. That makes these types of heat press machines incredibly popular for both home and commercial use. However, the downside is that you’re not can be able to use this for bulk printing purposes. If you’re going to be doing ball keep transferring then I suggest that you get a sublimation heat press machine.

As you can see there’s a lot to know about heat press machines. That’s why suggest you read a ton of reviews before you actually make your purchase.

Heat Press Times and Temperatures Guide

Heat Press Timing and Temperature Guide:

Like with everything else in life, timing is everything when it comes to using a heat press. Depending on what material you’re going to be heat transferring onto, the time that you have to press down is always going to be different. I want to talk to you guys a little bit about the different times based on what kind of garments are going to transfer onto.

If you’re going to be doing a simple heat transfer onto a soft T-shirt, then you’re going to need to press down for about 35 to 40 seconds. You’re also going to want to say your heat press machine to 400°F.

If you’re going to be pressing down on any kind of polyester fabric or mouse pads, you’re going to want to hold down your heat press for about 45 seconds. If it’s a thicker kind of a surface then you’re going to want to do upwards of 55 seconds. Your heat press machine should be set at 380 to 390°F.

If for whatever reason are going to be doing heat transfer onto any kind of metal you’re gonna want to hold down your heat press for about 60 seconds. The temperature the heat press machine is going to vary based on what kind of metal your heat pressing onto. For this I highly recommend that you contact the manufacturer of the metal in order to see what their recommended temperature is. A general consensus is between 375 and 400°F. The majority of the guys that I see are hovering around 400°F.

If you have a heat press machine that’s built to do a heat transfer on any kind of ceramics or mugs you’re going to want to set the heat press machine to at least 350°F. Depending on your heat press machine, you’re gonna maybe have to change the temperature upwards of 400°F. The majority of machines that you can purchase are going to come with a guide when it comes to ceramics. When you’re doing the heat transfer, you’re going to hold down the heat press for about 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 minutes. The time is going to vary based on the heat press machine that you have. Again, you’re going to want to reference the guide that came with your machine.

Finally, if you’re going to be doing any kind of he transferring onto glass, you’re going to want to set your machine to 400°F. The time that you’re holding down your heat press is going to be between five minutes and 12 minutes. The time is always going to vary based on the thickness and the size of the glass. Just like when you’re doing heat transfer onto metal, I highly recommend that you contact the manufacturer to see what they recommend.