What is a Heat Press Machine?

Heat press machine is an essential tool and equipment if you are in the clothing business. This is an equipment that is often used to personalized garments by creating gifts and other advertising items. Essentially, there is no limit when it comes to creating the type of design and style that you want. There is indeed a variety to choose that is made available, and sometimes it can be overwhelming especially when you just started to do it as a hobby or for business purposes. The platen is a heated metal surface that has a similar function as that to iron that you normally use for pressing clothes.

Is there a difference between a heat press and a flattening iron?

Yes! There is a big difference between a heat press and an iron when it comes to the combination of its pressure, the temperature control and the heating surface. It ensures the heating of the materials that is being pressed, and it yields towards a good consistent result.

How to use the platen?

The platen is used very easily. All you need to do is to simply lower it down to the surface so that it can be used to imprint after which it is locked down for it to have its predetermined length of time, this also depends on the materials that are being used. The good thing about a heat press machine is that it have its timing and control for you to determine the length and the level of temperature that you want it as to be pressed.

Styles of heat press

If you want to know more about using a heat press with style, for example, a clam shell heat press- this is a type of heat press that opens vertically and allows an item that can access through the platen. Second, is called the swing away- with this type of heat press, it has a more precise graphic placement. This also requires a larger space, to allow the platen for more swinging. Aside from these two styles, there are other versions of the heating press such as the use of a mug presses that wraps around the material and creates a better graphic outcome. Lastly, is the cap presses- this has a smaller size of imprinting a baseball cap to make a design that will fit the theme that you want.


When it comes to budgeting in purchasing for a heat press machine, it would be best for you to compare the prices that you have researched via the internet or at the actual shop. This is one way for you to know how much you’ll need to save, for you to get a great deal of machine that will last you longer.


Keep in mind that not all expensive heat press machines can guarantee the quality. However, you must put it to test by knowing it all first before committing to buying a machine that is right for you.

What Are Things You Can Use with Heat Pressure Machine

Have you ever heard about the heat press machine because if you haven’t then, you should know that it is a machine where it has a press pad and a work area where it uses heat and force to stick the picture in any item? You will be glad to know that even your picture can be done with the help of this machine. The best thing about it is that there are certain items that can be used to paste the picture of your choice into the item of your choice. Here is even a list of things that you can use the heat press machine so that you will have a better idea about it.

  1. Any shirt

With the heat process machine, you can re-design your shirt to fit your kind of fashion. You can put any print from your favorite T.V. character to any symbol or image, and it can be in any different shape, size and color. There is no limit to it, but your imagination so enjoy a whole new wardrobe with the help of the heat process machine because it can help.

  1. Mug

If you are tired that your family is using your mug because it doesn’t have your name on it then say no more because with the help of the heat process machine you can print any letter or words or anything to your mug from now on because the press pad and the work area of the heat process machine can be change into a suitable item to print your mug with. Now you can be sure that you have your name in your mug from now on.

  1. Cap

If you want to beautify your cap so that you can where it in style when you are out, then you can do it because the heat process machine can even put images in your cap. This way you wouldn’t have to worry if you only have one cap or if you have to re-design your cap because it can be done and all you have to do is change the press pad and the work area to fit the item you want to print it on.

  1. Plate

The only thing you have to change in the heat process machine when it comes to the plate is the press pad so that it can fit the size of the plate. With the help of the heat press machine, all of your plates in your home will look so cute and stylish because you can put in fruits or fancy words to add a little style to them.

These are things that you can use to print on something’s using the help of the heat press machine and this way you wouldn’t need to buy a lot of things to have new things because you can just re-use and make them suitable to your taste of fashion. You can even turn this into a profitable business because there are lots of people who will pay a lot of money just to have a print of their faces or their pets in their things so you can be sure that you will earn from this and it’s all thanks to the heat press machine.