Different Types of Heat Press Machines

There are 3 main types of heat press machines:

There are three main types of heat press machines they are going to see for sale. Each of them has their own unique features and is made for specific purchase. Before you purchase your heat press machine, I highly suggest that you check out some of the best heat press machine reviews so you can make an educated purchasing decision. Buying heat press machine can be stressful, but it doesn’t need to be.


Here are the different types of heat press machines

The main type of heat press machine that you’re going to see is a sublimation T-shirt heat press machine. Sublimation heat press machines are becoming very popular because everyone is looking to do it transfer of a very high quality digital image onto a T-shirt. The best thing about a sublimation heat press is that it’s designed so that the die from the transfer paper isn’t going to bleed onto the garment when the heat press surfaces press down. This is a design flaw on the majority of heat press machines that aren’t sublimation heat press machines.

The other advantage is that sublimation heat press machines are made with a bigger surface. This allows people to do a heat transfer onto larger items such as sweatshirts, sweatpants, and bigger signs. It’s more of a multi-use transfer machine.


The second type of heat press machine is a clamshell heat press machine.

This is probably what most people are more familiar with. A clamshell heat press machine is designed so that it can do a heat transfer onto a multitude of surfaces. What I mean by that is a can do a heat transfer onto mugs, sweatshirts, boxes, and pretty much any other type of object that you can throw at it. The clamshell enables it’s a contour onto the specific type of surface that you’re trying to transfer onto. All other types of heat press transfer machines are set in what they can print on.


The last type of heat press machine is a swing away version.

The great thing about swing away heat press machines is that they normally have a five and one functionality. That means instead of having to buy additional accessories such as a hat press or a mug press you’re going to be able to do everything with just the one machine. That makes these types of heat press machines incredibly popular for both home and commercial use. However, the downside is that you’re not can be able to use this for bulk printing purposes. If you’re going to be doing ball keep transferring then I suggest that you get a sublimation heat press machine.

As you can see there’s a lot to know about heat press machines. That’s why suggest you read a ton of reviews before you actually make your purchase.